Our Philosophy

Tew Teg was founded in Austin, Texas by 3 people who recognized one thing – maximizing life experiences can be messy, and that’s part of the fun!

There are always excuses to postpone doing what you want or need to do to improve your quality of life, hurdles that need to be overcome. Tew Teg’s goal is to provide products that help others maximize their own messy life experiences, so…

Go Ahead, Get Wet!

Our Terry-Clad Team

Marc O.

Marc Ostryniec, aka “King of the Sweat Mountain”

My day starts at 4:42 AM. The alarm goes off, I get kitted up, lights on, and wheels down for the weekday “Red Eye” ride. I relive a childhood feeling when I am riding my bike, before dawn no one is up, no one needs my time… yet… and I can just go…

I started my career with one mission – to bridge the gap between technology and humanity. While that may not have led to a career in accounting or finance, it did lead to an engineering degree and a passion for solving interesting problems with creativity, simplicity, and design. I ride bikes a lot, mostly to train for endurance events. I have successfully gone “Sub-9” twice in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race as well as two successful finishes at the Dirty Kanza 200. I live in Austin with two kids who love sports and a wife who loves to swim. Hye Ya!

My favorite use for our towel is my Mom covering the seat in her Sprinter van when she takes her cat on weekend road trips. We didn’t plan for that one, but it is perfect!

Jerry Jensen, aka “Sweaty J”

When I was starting my professional career a man I respect told me, “Either find something that you love to do so much that you would do it for free, or find something that will provide you the resources and time to do those very things.” That philosophy has shaped the paradigm with which I evaluate every major decision in my life. For me, Tew Teg is a brand for those people who share that life view.

I was raised in rural Indiana with a mother who’s mantra was “go outside and play”; and we did, from dusk till dawn. Once in school I participated in every sport that would have me; including baseball, football, swimming, track, cross country, and wrestling. I thoroughly enjoyed each of these sports but wrestling was where I had the most success. I finished my wrestling career at Indiana University.

Today, my passions are as broad as they were in High School. I’m currently getting trained in kickboxing, I love to mountain bike, play basketball, go paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake, and drinking mojitos by the pool. The last of which I’m hoping to go pro!

Jerry Jensen
Brad M.

Brad Marcus, aka “Success Smells Like Sweat”

I’ve been best described as someone who embraces the grind, and have been accused of being a gym rat from time-to-time. I often don’t choose the path of least resistance, but certainly take pride in accomplishing goals that require both mental and physical perseverance.

Since the age of 12, I’ve consistently been active in some form of fitness, extreme diet and martial arts. For me, a disciplined training regimen allows all of my many activities and work obligations to fall seamlessly in place. One of my latest passions has been Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). No other activity in my life has been so completely humbling yet rewarding at the same time. And yes…I get very sweaty while rolling/competing.

My wife and two kids are very supportive of my activities but not as supportive of driving in my car (AKA The Mobile Gym Bag). Thankfully, the world’s best towel is here to protect my car, family and cleanliness while complementing my active lifestyle.

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