The TewTeg Towel

Simply the World’s Best Towel

TewTeg is not a car seat cover – it’s a towel. You will love it because of the high quality and great design that actually works!

Towels are meant to solve a very basic problem – to absorb moisture – and TewTeg Towels do this better than any other towel on the market today.

Why? Because TewTeg Towels stay put and are ridiculously easy to use. Just throw it on your seat and go. Hook the hood together, if you want a tighter cinch. That’s it.

Yoga. Spin. Running. Cycling. Crossfit. Skiing. Swimming. Jiu-Jitsu. Golf. Lounging. Beach chair. Construction.

TewTeg’s patent-pending design accomplishes all of this and more…

so, “Go Ahead, Get Wet!”

Patent-Pending Design

TewTeg uses simplicity and great design to be useful anywhere.

TewTeg’s patent-pending HoodCinch™ design uses the natural tension of a seat-hugging hood to hold onto any car seat, lounge chair, or any chair with a seat back. Simple means you can do it with your eyes closed. Put the towel on your seat, hook the ball and loop and you have a towel tailored to your car seat, pool deck chair, office chair, or a cold chair at a restaurant.

Tewteg Towel

High Quality & Care

We care about you being healthy – and dry.

Our towel is made in the USA with terry that is 100% Cotton. Natural materials feel great to the skin, and American jobs feel great to our neighbors. The result is a luxurious feel that is highly durable, incredibly absorbent, and easy to wash–made by people like you who care about quality.

Retail Stores

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